butalaAdvocate S.S.Butala is a Criminal Lawyer by profession. He has been engaged in high profile cases and successfully pleaded in Writ Petitions such as

Habeas Corpus and Quo-Warranto in the High Court of Bombay. He has also practiced in various Sessions Courts such as Bombay, Thane, Kalyan, Palghar etc. as well as in all the Metropolitan and Magistrate Courts of Mumbai and Thane.

He was a part time professor of the TMC Law College and delivered lectures on Indian Penal Code  and Law of Torts last many years.


Advocate S. S. Butala and his Associates are engaged in providing services in the field of Criminal Law conducting Criminal Trials & Bail Applications, Return of Property and Prosecution by filing private Criminal Cases, also acting as a entering an State cases. We also workout litigation strategy in the current legal setup to give maximum advantage to the clients since Advocate Butala deals exclusively criminal matters himself yet due to expertise and experience he also through his associates takes work relating to trust, Co–Operative Societies, Matrimonial Matters and Property Documentations.


Jurisprudential Fields
We are primarily engaged in providing our services in the following fields:butala

  • Criminal Law, including conducting criminal trials, Bail applications.
  •  Filing private criminal cases.
  • Watching & submitting written Arguments in criminal briefs on behalf of the complainant.
  • Conveyancing (all documentation).Applications for Return of property.
  • Cinematograph Act.
  • Copyright Act.
  • Domestic Violence Act.
  • Electricity Act.
  • Drugs and Cosmetics Act.
  • Essential Commodities Act.


Advocate Butala deals primarily with criminal matters. His extensive expertise and experience garnered over years of practice also manifest themselves in work relating to trusts, co–operative societies, matrimonial matters and property documentations. He is ably aided by his associates, each of whom focuses on their area of specialization and expertise.

After careful consultation with our clients, we present and execute litigation strategies that are tailored to optimize the legal framework and available options, in order to provide the maximum benefit to them.


Social Commitments
We are firmly committed to the service of law and justice. All the members of our firm are staunch believers that law should be equal and fair for all, irrespective of caste, creed, social or monetary status.

butala We believe that it is an important aspect of our profession to ensure the due process of law for everyone. To that end, we also devote our time and resources to voluntary social causes. As part of this process, Advocate Butala has taken up various social causes and strives to ensure that the underprivileged get justice. He has worked as a human rights activist and continues to work for the welfare and betterment of under trials/prisoners in Thane jail. He has provided legal representation for the Viju Natekar Rickshaw Taxi Union for many years and has lectured on superstitions, prejudices and their eradication from society.

Advocate Butala also represents Sangharsh Rikshaw Taxi Union on many legal issues thus helping them to fight for their legal rights getting them a justice and status in the society.

Most remarkable case in the career of Adv.Butala is his efforts and initiative taken for removal of BPL & Vodafone Mobile Towers on D.N.S Tower CHS Limited which is decided in the Supreme Court.

The Removal of Mobile Towers not only helped the people of Thane but has created awareness amongst people for bad effects of Electro Magnetic Radiations created by Mobile Towers and other disadvantages.